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independent minx. love ur own self. got reasons to smile, it's hard. family is priority. simple funny homo
sapiens. trust no one. number of bad habits. white is pure. roses are love. it's not easy to pleased others. mind ur own business. don't cramp the head wit trifling thingy. arts resembles the soul. linkin park sounds pleasant to the ears. love story good for the eyes and mind, always! laughter is the best medicine, trust me! but ice cream, chocolate and cheeze cake are the bestest ever medicine in the world. good listener instead of problem solver; troublemaker; no! never take things for granted. mentos; can't live without.

Friday, March 19, 2010

ape aku rase???

saye sgt2 teruja hari ni...akhirnya sy dah ade blog sendiri...AKHIRNYA!!! XD